Neural Therapy after Huneke

Practice Dr. med.(I.) Hagen Huneke

Practice for general medicine and naturopathic treatment
with focus neural therapy

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68165 Mannheim

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Other Therapies

Biological cancer therapy Holistic, naturopathic concept for support of tumor patients, in accordance with the Gesellschaft für biologische Krebsabwehr (Society for Biological Tumor Resistance), applicable as an alternative to mainstream medicine or as an additional treatment for radiotherapy and chemotherapy. After adequate examination we offer ortho molecular therapy (vitamin- and mineral-substitution), intestine- and amalgam-sanitation, stimulation of the immune system, stopping of interference fields, oxygen therapy for improvement of the cellular respiration, analgesic therapy as well as psychological care (music therapy, among others).

Thymus therapy:
Used for immunodeficiency, relapsing diseases and other infections, as well as autoimmune diseases like rheumatism, Crohns disease and cancer etc.

Ozone-oxygen therapy for severe influenzal infections, circulatory disorders, cancer, tinnitus, dizziness and others.

Oxygen-therapy by Ardenne for physical burnout syndrome, stress, circulatory disorder of all kinds and cancer.

Biological sanitation of the intestine, Amalgam-sanitation and diet-advice.

Autohemotherapy and biological desensitization of allergies.

Chirotherapy (manual therapy), use of manual therapeutic maneuvers on the spinal columns to relax blocked vertebrae, to release pain and to eliminate reflectory organic disorders.

Procaine base infusion therapy: High dosed Procaine infusions for therapy-resistant pain syndromes like fibromyalgia and osteoporosis.

Therapy with soluble proteins for chronic liver damage, cardiac insufficiency, impaired circulation, skin diseases and menopausal complaints.

Fasting cures for weight reduction and detoxification.

Nicotine withdrawal and other ailments through ear acupuncture.

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