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Practice Dr. med.(I.) Hagen Huneke

Practice for general medicine and naturopathic treatment
with focus neural therapy

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With the aid of different versions of the ozone oxygen therapy resp. SMT, diseases such as burnout and exhasution syndromes, cancer and infections, can be treated more efficiently, as the regulation ability is notably increased through the addition of ozone therapy.

The combination of Neural Therapy and cell extract therapy proves itself primarily in cases of immuno deficiency, chronic liver damage, cardiac insufficiency and sensivity to infections.

For chronic intestinal disorders, diarrhea and obstipation we offer additional stabilization of the intestines with symbionts of the intestines or intestine insufflation with ozon.

For skin diseases, circulatory disorders and hormonal disorders placental extracts can be applied additonally.

For allergies we provide Neural Therapy, Autohemotherapy, strict food analysis and amalgam sanitation.

Reliable phytotherapeutics and homeopathics can optimize the Neural Therapy as necessity arises.

The combination of chirotherapy and Neural Therapy frequently accelerates the healing processes especially with chronic back diseases.

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